Sunday, May 2, 2010


Well, there I was (or here I am, depending  on your point of view), sitting at the National Convention, listening (and contributing) to the consultation as we strive to "offer constructive suggestions" when someone offered the following contributatory analogy.

We were talking about the teaching work in neighbourhoods and the importance of friendships. Obviously, the discussion also revolved around the need for sincerity and not being overwhelmingly concerned about enrollments, amongst other issues.

But there we were, comfortable in our seats, when this delegate spoke up, humble and shy. He spoke from the position of experience, not theory, and shared some thoughts. His entire demeanour exemplified a humble posture of learning. He spoke of his time in a nieghbourhood, the difficulties and the victories, the tests and the joys.

Then he referred to the following quote: "The companions of God," Bahá'u'lláh Himself has declared, "are, in this day, the lump that must leaven the peoples of the world. They must show forth such trustworthiness, such truthfulness and perseverance, such deeds and character that all mankind may profit by their example."

He said that he wasn't a baker, and wasn't quite sure he really understood this reference, but that he thought that the lump was the lump of yeast or leaven that made the bread rise. Now, for the rest of this article, I will write as if it was from me, but know that it was all from him.

You can't transform the dough by occassionally touching it with the yeast, brushing it alongside of it. Similarly, we can't transform a community by popping in once a week and jumping out again. No. The yeast must be fully integrated, mixed in, spread so thoroughly throughout that it is indistinguishable form the dough itself. Only when that occurs can it begin to exert its influence and help the dough to rise.

We can either mix ourselves within a community, or we can just go and sit with the other lumps.

Well, for me, I think I'll go back to the convention and do my best to be a lump there. Maybe to other delegates can help me rise. Please know, dear Reader, that you are in my thoughts during the consultation, and your community, wherever you may reside, is in my heart. I have made many notes which I will share over the coming months.

And lots more thoughts about the Ridvan Message.

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  1. Good , I'm a Baha'i but suspect this concept is used in many Holy works.

    Thankyou for sharing your leaven and thinking of us. Allah Abha Ex