Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why Blog?

This has to be one of the most asked questions I get: Why blog?

It usually comes up in conversation when talking about teaching, and I mention the blog. "Why do you blog? Wouldn't you be better off spending your time actually teaching people?"

Well, you know, I'm just not sure what to say to that. I mean, what do they think, that the one's reading this blog are not people? (You are a people, aren't you?)

But of course, it does get me thinking, as good questions always do.

To start, there is a document from the World Centre regarding blogging and the use of the internet. The guidance in there is, of course, quite wonderful, and I made it a point to read it before actually beginning this blog. It is because of that document that I make it an especial point to regularly mention that what I write here is only my own personal opinion and nothing official. So, I figured if there is a document about teaching in this manner, then it must be ok.

Second, I have been amazed at the number of people I have met through this bit of writing that I'm doing. The letters have been great, and I've been learning more about geography. (I had never heard of the Aland Islands before it showed up on my ClustrMaps page.) So thank you to all of you (yes, you, too).

Third, the letters and comments that have come in have really made me think, feel and grow. I truly consider each question and whether or not I am capable of responding. (Of course, I can always respond, but usually that response consists of "I don't know".) If I'm not sure of a response, the question at least gets me off my bum and looking to see what the Writings have to say. Then again, even if I am sure, I always double-check what the Writings have to say (thank you Ruhi Book 1).

But probably the most important reason to me is that by striving to write five articles a week, I am forced to keep a look out for new ideas wherever I go. When I was watching the sun set earlier this evening, I was thinking about how I could use the beauty of that moment to try and convey a bit about the Faith. When stuck in traffic and trying to maintain a calm composure (not a clam composure as I just typed), I began to recite a prayer and analyze it to see if I wanted to write about it this evening. This afternoon, when having lunch at a middle eastern grocery store (yes, you read that right), and reading a passage to Marielle from the Pope's book that I've been writing about, I was wondering if I would comment on it here. If so, how? (Oh, the store, if you are in the area, is called Mediterranean Middle Eastern Foods, at 924 Pandora Avenue in Victoria, and has an incredible selection of food for eating there at a small counter.)

Whereas before I began writing this blog, I would play that game with myself in which I would try and find a spiritual metaphor for common objects, or I would occassionally analyze a passage from the Writings while walking down the street, now it is far more focussed and conscious.

This blog has a twofold purpose for me: to force me to study and meditate more on the Writings every day, and to take the time to share my musings. Let's face it, I have to have musings to share or else what am I doing?

When Baha'u'llah tells us to "Recite ye the verses of God every morn and eventide", this sort of forces me to prove it to myself, to ensure that I actually meditate upon them throughout the day. After all, "reading, without understanding, is of no abiding profit unto man", and I would like to make sure that what I do is of profit (at least to myself).

In short, why do I blog? Because it is helping me grow in the Faith.

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