Friday, December 9, 2011

A Post So Good...

... I just had to share it.

There has been so much controversy over this issue, and this gentleman says it so well. I think what he says equally applies here within the Baha'i community.

What it all comes down to is: Are we showing the kind of love to all people that 'Abdu'l-Baha showed to everyone?


  1. Thanks for sharing this article. It certainly made me appreciate the complexities of life and that Love can overcome these challenges. At times, I too have been guilty of many things this author speaks about. Perhaps this is why I left religion. At the same time I have never felt so lost. Only after years of reflection have I seen a change in my perspective and a fundamental understanding that Love is quintessential in all aspects of life. I believe all religions at their core reflect this.

    I think I have misunderstood what you have been saying about your own belief. You have been talking about Mead and what is best for him while embracing others regardless of their station in life. Also, it makes me realize that my anger toward religiousity is misguided. My conflict is not with the faiths, but with those who lack love.

    Thank you. I believe I will try again and instead of adopting an obtuse view within my chosen religion, I'll pick it because it works for me while not concerning myself with anything but Love.

  2. Dear Me, (Hmmm. I sound like a grandmother.)

    My son and I both have tears in our eyes. Thank you so much for what you have written above. You have said what I have tried to say for so long.

    This blog is all about what works for me, and I make no claims on it working for anyone else. Not even other Baha'is. It is all about how I live my own faith. Not about how others should live theirs.

    And you have summed up the problem so succinctly: it is all about love, not how others with the same team jacket live their lives.

    One of the greatest things that 'Abdu'l-Baha ever said was that people should leave our presence with a sense of hope. I am in awe and in tears reading your last paragraph. Thank you, and thank you again. You have given me hope, and this is why I keep writing what I do.