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Ok. If you haven`t noticed, I`m on vacation right now. My wife, son and I are visiting friends and family. Well, actually it began with my Mother visiting us for 10 days (thanks, Mom), and then we went to Winnipeg for 5 (but not with Mom). Now we`re in Montreal visiting my wife`s family. What a joy this is. (Of course, learning to type on the French keyboard is a bit of a challenge, but what`s like without a bit of a challenge?) (Note to self: the question mark is now the shift-6 key, not the one that actually says ?) One day next week we`ll all be going to the Shrine here. I can`t wait.

Now, where was I? (Yes, I know: Montreal. Thanks.)

Ah yes, wisdom. (Hence the title above.)

As you may remember (but why you would, I have no idea) I am reading through Tablets of Baha`u`llah, and trying to understand the reason for the order in some of the lists in those works. Why? I do not know, but it seems to me a rich and rewarding experience.

Anyways, there I was reading through Kalimat-i-Firdawsiyyih (Words of Paradise to one such as me), when I came across the Fifth Leaf. Now, before I get into that, let me say that I find it interesting.Oh, and not just the Tablet, but the very concept of the leaves themselves. From what I can tell, Baha`u`llah is referring to Paradise, in which there grows a tree (or perhaps that should be Tree). On that tree (Tree) grow some  leaves (which might be written as Leaves, if you really like capital letters), and on those leaves are written some words (probably with a capital).

(Uh oh. It looks like Maman and Marielle are ready for the day. Maybe I will just  copy the Text and say a very quick bit today and try to write a bit more in the next few days.)

Here is what we are told is written on the Fifth Leaf of that blessed Tree:

Above all else, the greatest gift and the most wondrous blessing hath ever been and will continue to be Wisdom. It is man’s unfailing Protector. It aideth him and strengtheneth him. Wisdom is God’s Emissary and the Revealer of His Name the Omniscient. Through it the loftiness of man’s station is made manifest and evident. It is all-knowing and the foremost Teacher in the school of existence. It is the Guide and is invested with high distinction. Thanks to its educating influence earthly beings have become imbued with a gem-like spirit which outshineth the heavens. In the city of justice it is the unrivalled Speaker Who, in the year nine, illumined the world with the joyful tidings of this Revelation. And it was this peerless Source of wisdom that at the beginning of the foundation of the world ascended the stair of inner meaning and when enthroned upon the pulpit of utterance, through the operation of the divine Will, proclaimed two words. The first heralded the promise of reward, while the second voiced the ominous warning of punishment. The promise gave rise to hope and the warning begat fear. Thus the basis of world order hath been firmly established upon these twin principles. Exalted is the Lord of Wisdom, the Possessor of Great Bounty.

This whole paragraph just fascinates me. Wisdom reveals the attribute of God, the Omniscient? It is through this attribute of wisdom that the loftiness of our station is made manifest? It is all-knowing?

Wait a second.Right there. Wisdom is all-knowing. Wow. What a concept. I really have to meditate more on that one.

And then, towards the end there, it is Wisdom that revealed Justice, about which we read more on the Sixth Leaf.

I could easily go on and on about this, but as I said, I am on vacation, and the family is ready to go about the day. Thank you, dear Reader, for understanding.

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