Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Beautiful Sunrise

This morning I came downstairs while it was still dark, and was about to begin making my son's breakfast when I looked out the front windows. The sky was an ebon black, but there, on the horizon, was a slash of ruby red, heralding the rising of the sun.

I stood transfixed as I watched the colours get brighter, expanding from a slender line to a thicker band. It seemed as if the intensity of the colour, so dense there at that first moment of sighting, so concentrated, diffused as it got broader. Now the morning sky was beginning to lighten, brighten.

I still had to make my son's breakfast, so I turned back and went into the kitchen. Looking out the back windows I noticed the houses across the way were all glowing a golden sheen against the inky backdrop of the western sky. It was at that time that my son came downstairs.

We looked out the front windows together at the ever-brightening sky, and then the back at the magical lighting of our friends' homes.

This, we agreed, was like the Faith.

Have you ever dreamed of living in the time of the Blessed Beauty? Or any of the Messengers of God?

I think there is a reason the Guardian referred to it as the time of the Dawn-Breakers.

The whole world was engulfed in this darkness and there was only a sliver of light showing on the horizon. This is where the true illumination arose. For those with their backs to the Messenger, they would look at the "glowing houses" and remark on their beauty, never realizing that this beauty was but a reflection of the rising orb. Never realizing that without this true light, they would still be wallowing in the dark.

I am so grateful, not only for the sunrise, but for the Faith that has allowed me to see this sunrise in a new way.

And you know what? While most of us are asleep at this time, there are a few who are awake. They were the Dawn-Breakers. They were those rare few who awaken at that hour and begin their work. But most of us are still asleep, warm and snug in the bed, oblivious of the great drama that is happening around us, lost in our dreams. We are the ones who awaken later, at what could be called a far more reasonable hour of the day, and begin our work when the sun has fully risen. We miss the incredible dramatic beauty of that early morning sky, only admiring it from afar, usually through photos and stories. We are stuck looking at the far more normal blue of the sky, the far more useful colour that lets us know the sun is doing its job of quickening the plants, and the rest of the world around us.

We are the ones who go to work sometime between 8 and 10 in the morning.

And if the time of the Twin Manifestations was the dawn, then I think it is now time for us to get to work.

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