Wednesday, March 22, 2017


In preparation for Pilgrimage, I've been studying a bit of the history of the various places we're going to see. And as part of my Fast, I also began re-reading Baha'u'llah, King of Glory, by Balyuzi.

There is so much that I have forgotten, it's incredible. I could probably write volumes about what I've forgotten. Some would say that it already feels as if I have.

Anyways, another thing that 's been going on in my life, which impacts what I'm writing about today, is that I'm seriously thinking of opening a store-front for my business. Oh, in case you didn't know, I'm a fashion designer in the wonderful medium of chain-mail. (You can see my work at (blatant plug)

So all of this, combined with that recent message from the Universal House of Justice that I just spent the past four articles looking at, has gotten me thinking about bazaars.

Actually, what really made me note bazaars in particular was this photograph in King of Glory:

The man in the centre is Mirza Musa, Baha'u'llah's faithful brother. As you may recall, he was the one who met the student at the gate that had come with the message of the Bab from Mulla Husayn. The man in the upper right-hand corner is Nabil, of the Dawn-breakers fame.

Now, the story is that they were walking in Constantinople at the bazaar when a photographer came up to Mirza Musa. He said he wished to take his photo, without charge, and would present him with a number of copies. Mirza Musa said to his companions, "He wants to earn something by photographing us. This is his means of livelihood. We will not deprive him of it."

What stood out for me, in addition to being able to see these men in the prime of their lives, is that this event occurred at the Big-Ughli Bazaar.

When I read this out loud to Shoghi, we both just stopped. I mean, literally. We kind of froze. He looked over my shoulder and read it for himself, and then we both broke into such laughter. We couldn't stop laughing about it for a good ten minutes.

I swear, if we ever find ourselves in Constantinople, or even in Istanbul, we will have to ask someone where the Big-Ughli Bazaar is.

What a bazaar name, at least in English.

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