Thursday, November 30, 2017

Twigs of a Family Tree

This is something of a cop out. I'll freely admit that I'm tired of writing right now, and want to take a bit of a break. That's ok. I have a good thing to mention before getting back to my day job, which is as a fashion designer and jeweler.

In case I haven't mentioned it before now, my friend and spiritual mother, Lucki Wilder, inerviewed me a little while ago and used some of my answers, as well as some excerpts from the blog here, to write a book. It is something of a family tree, hence the title, Twigs of a Family Tree.

While we were consulting on it, it became quite clear that she was the author, and so my role in its development took a different turn than I had expected. That's ok. I don't mind. As long as we were clear on it, I was ok with that.

So, in short, the book describes how Razvanieh, the woman who taught her, became a Baha'i. Following that chapter is the story of how Lucki became Baha'i. Then comes my story, and it concludes with my friend Theresa's story.

That's the super short synopsis.

The longer version has all sorts of stories within it about our personal struggles, the question we had, and how the Faith has changed our life.

I find it quite fascinating for a few reasons. First, it's interesting to see how Lucki edited my story together. Second, as I read it, it doesn't sound like my voice at all, not that many others would notice. And third, it's neat to see how some of my stories made their way into her section, as they fit better there, and how some of her stories fit into mine. This was done purely for editorial reasons, to help try and keep the flow, as well as avoiding redundancy.

There are some sections in it that make me think, "Wow, I can't believe it", and others that make we sit up and say, "That's profound."  I had a friend come by my table while I was sitting in a coffee shop reading it, and she wanted to know what I was reading. She said I seemed quite captivated by it. I read her a passage, which had her saying, "I never thought of that in that way before". I agreed, saying that I hadn't either, and then we both realized it was in my section. For the life of, though, I swear it was Lucki that wrote that.

Anyways, I fel like I'm cheating here today, because all I'm doing is writing a bit about that book, and adding in the link to it.


Here's the link:

I hope you read it, and I really hope you enjoy it. If there's anything in there that really touches you, let me know. I'm sure it wasn't written by me.

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  1. OK, this is my 40th & final comment for the month to Challenge bloggers. You hit 30 entries, too. Congrats!!!

    And aren't you sweet ... or something?! (Not sure exactly what; but then that's half the fun of us.)

    I once attended an AA mtg where the person giving the lead ended it by reading something in the front of his Big Book. As I listened, I tho't "Wow, I like that. What they said & how. Maybe I'll meet them someday."

    As the speaker finished reading, he looked up & said, "Lucki gave me this Big Book when I came into the program years ago, & that's what she wrote in it." Really? I DID? Coulda knocked me over with a feather ... well, at least maybe one from a big dinosaur.

    Trust me, when they read in your section something that really touches them, you wrote it. Or said it, In one of our follow-up talks. Maybe you didn't know I was furiously typing during most of those phone convos, but I was. You had so much to contribute, it's no wonder you don't remember all of it. And some of what you contributed was SO apropos of the moment that I'm not surprised you later forgot you even tho't of it in the first place.

    Your name is on the cover, not just in the Intro, for a reason! I deeply apologize if you feel I subsumed your unique voice. My fault. I'll try to handle that better when we do the expanded Edition 2 in a decade. LOL